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One doodle a day Project

Erin Barra - Dear John | Video Clip

The Design Studio | Illustration

San Francisco Latino Film Festival | Illustration

Redwood Tango Ensemble - La Yumba | Video Clip

HighlightCam Video | Animation

Animation Mentor | Character Animation

Invision Communications Motion Piece

Meebo Characters Animation | Motion

My vimeo clips

Meebo Ad Showcase | Motion/Ads

Car Spot | Motion/Experiment

Red Eye Rhino Spot | Motion/Film

Soccer Game spot | Motion

Mobile Device Idea | Film/Motion/Experiment

Meebo Tutorial | Motion/Audio

Four Drills Logo | Identity

Narf! Fest Bumper | Motion

Suzy Tamimi Fashion | Identity/Web

Triangle it | Graphic Design/Experiment

Ben 10 game | GUI design/Motion

Harry Potter game | GUI design/Motion

9mm game | GUI design/Motion

Inglorious Bastards game | GUI design/Motion

Sponge Bob game | GUI design/Motion

Dexter's game | GUI design/Motion

Building designs for 3d Short movie | Graphic Design

Fuel Energy Drink | Web Design

NARF! FEST posters and flyers | Graphic Design

ADN tattoo studio | Identity/Web

Argentina 2011 | Photography

Suzy Tamimi collection | Photography

Patricio Sebastian Pomies


I am a creative guy born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Now in Oakland, CA.

My passion for graphic design started at a very young age, and since then I have not stopped developing myself.
My style encompasses all of my interests from Art Direction, GUI design, Motion graphics to animation. Challenges excite me.
I embrace a can-do mentality in everything I set out to do. I enjoy working in a team. I am full of ideas, and I find the key to success is being able to share my ideas with others.

My hobbies include playing bass, heavy metal, and being a committed member of the DIY community.

Traditional Infusion drink of choice: mate