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Meebo Characters Animation | Motion

Meebo Ad Showcase | Motion/Ads

Car Spot | Motion/Experiment

Red Eye Rhino Spot | Motion/Film

Soccer Game spot | Motion

Mobile Device Idea | Film/Motion/Experiment

Meebo Tutorial | Motion/Audio

Four Drills Logo | Identity

Narf! Fest Bumper | Motion

Suzy Tamimi Fashion | Identity/Web

Triangle it | Graphic Design/Experiment

Ben 10 game | GUI design/Motion

Harry Potter game | GUI design/Motion

9mm game | GUI design/Motion

Inglorious Bastards game | GUI design/Motion

Sponge Bob game | GUI design/Motion

Dexter's game | GUI design/Motion

Building designs for 3d Short movie | Graphic Design

Fuel Energy Drink | Web Design

NARF! FEST posters and flyers | Graphic Design

ADN tattoo studio | Identity/Web

Argentina 2011 | Photography

Suzy Tamimi collection | Photography

Patricio Sebastian Pomies


I am a creative guy born and raised in Buenos Aires, Argentina. I studied graphic design at the UBA-University of Buenos Aires. I moved to California August of 2009.

My passion for graphic design started at a very young age, and since then I have not stopped developing myself. My style encompasses all of my interests from GUI design to animation. Challenges excite me. I embrace a can-do mentality in everything I set out to do. I enjoy working in a team. I am full of ideas, and I find the key to success is being able to share my ideas with others.

My hobbies include playing bass, heavy metal, and being a committed member of the DIY community.

I also love drinking mate and fernet with coke.


Within the past seven years I have been involved in an array of projects, from website, mobile and video games GUI design, logos, identity, motion graphics, some 3D animation, video producing, prototyping products, and supporting sales teams with creatives.
I want to thank these guys for the help on my website.

Also, most recently I’m adding fashion photography to my set of skills.



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